• VSMs

    Pipeline is supported on 17,000 VSMs (Vertical Support Members) where it crosses about 420 miles of permafrost.

  • Haul Road

    A winter wonderland on the haul road.

  • Trucking

    There’s no getting around this load. Notice there are two "pusher" trucks on the back side of this load.

  • Atigun Pass

    Highest point on the 800 mile pipeline.

  • Atigun River Gorge

    RGV-26 in upper right & Galbraith Lake in lower left.

  • RGV-26

    Remote Gate Valve 26 again - in winter.

  • Slope Mountain

    Heading north towards Pump Station #3.

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Welcome to Alyeska Artifacts

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Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

We are…

Alyeska Artifacts… a website for sharing photos and information about the artifacts of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.

Examples include Alyeska jackets, coffee mugs, caps, awards, pins, pens, posters, decals, and other good stuff.

(Alyeska artifacts are our primary focus but we may wander beyond these boundaries from time to time.)



  • An item created by humans usually for a practical purpose, and typically of cultural or historical interest.
  • An item that is characteristic of, or resulting from, a particular human institution, period, or trend.


Artifacts are studied by anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists to gain insight into the culture of the people and the era in which the artifacts were created.

The artifacts gathered here are primarily for the viewing pleasure of former and current Pipeliners, their families, friends, and associates as well as the occasional curious visitor that may join us from time to time

Have artifacts we’re missing?